Brown Butter Truffles
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Reminiscent of butterscotch, this deeply caramelized white chocolate truffle made with our own brown butter is a favorite among the RCC team. The creamy center is speckled with vanilla bean seeds, and its slightly nutty flavor pairs perfectly with the malty milk chocolate coating.

We carefully package these truffles in recyclable PET boxes.

Choose between a 4-piece box, or a 16-piece box.

Going "upta camp" is a Maine tradition. Camps--usually rustic cabins deep in the woods or on the shores of one of Maine's many remote lakes (or "ponds" as we call them)--are opened in late spring and used as weekend vacation retreats or hunting camps until late fall. "Camp" is many a Mainer's happy place where the main objective of each day is all the fun that can be had outside. 

Our 2021 Summer line was created to fuel our summer adventures--snacks and fireside dessert kits to celebrate summer comaraderie and outdoor fun. 

Ingredients: Latin American White & Milk Chocolates (cocoa liquor, sugar, brown sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soy lecithin, natural vanilla, barley malt extract), Maine Cream, Maine Butter

Allergens: Contains milk, soy

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