Baking Collection

From our kitchen to yours, this baking collection was created by Ragged Coast Chocolates founder and chocolate expert, Kate, who also happens to be a home cook. These patisserie-quality mixes and ingredients are intended to inspire home cooks to bake with a little less frustration and a lot more joy.

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Let's Get Baking!

Learn the art of baking with our founder, Kate Shaffer, author of award-winning books & recipes, featured in renowned publications, and recognized as a top chocolatier in North America.

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Bake with the Best

When you buy our baking mixes and ingredients, you can feel good knowing that we source only the finest, freshest single-origin ingredients from small, family owned, and often local farms.

Made with direct-trade chocolate

Made with Maine-made whole-grain flour

Small batch, developed from tried and true home cook-tested recipes