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Ragged Coast Chocolates

Bon Bon Bouquet 17-piece Box

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Seventeen handmade confections, delicately flavored with culinary blossoms, fill this box. Perfect for a special occasion that celebrates new seasons and motherhood, our Bon Bon Bouquet is flowers and chocolate all in one beautiful assortment.

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Bon Bon Bouquet
This collection contains four each of the Lavender-Sea Salt Caramel, Jasmine-Green Tea Truffle, Persian Love Caramel, and Bees & Flowers Truffle. It also contains one Vanilla Orquidea Truffle.
Lavender-Sea Salt Caramel: We've infused our addictive sea salt vanilla caramel with organic lavender blossoms and encased it in a dainty Venezuelan white chocolate scallop shell.
Jasmine Green Tea Truffle: Jasmine-infused green tea flavors a dark chocolate ganache, encased in a Venezuelan bittersweet chocolate flower.
Persian Love Caramel: Rose hips and hibiscus petals flavor a soft caramel, paired with a whole roasted pistachio kernel and tucked inside a Venezuelan bittersweet chocolate heart.
Bees & Flowers Truffle: Golden bees and flowers adorn a petite oval filled with an orange blossom honey milk chocolate truffle.
And one of the following:
Vanilla Orquidea Truffle: The heady perfume of vanilla beans, the seeds of a tropical orchid, infuse a dark chocolate truffle.

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