• In general our in-house processing time is up to 3 business days. "In-house processing time" is the time you place your order to the time it leaves our facility. This processing time varies according to season.
  • Due to nationwide strains resulting from pandemic-related factors FedEx Ground delivery time has been extended from 1-2 days, to 2-5 days. "Delivery time" means the time your package is picked up by FedEx to the time it arrives at your door.

We offer a flat rate on shipping for most of our products, and do not profit from shipping costs.

We make every effort to ship your order on the day after you place it (unless you specify to ship it later or on a specific date). However, seasonal uptick in sales often delays our in-house processing time. In general we fill your orders in the order they come in. However, sometimes we do ship things out of order based on where in the country the packages are going. This is just practical. We don't favor one order over the other. Promise. I know you're excited for your giftee to get their chocolates! We are too! But please be patient. We will notify you via email when your order ships. 

After it ships, delivery is no longer in our control. As you are probably aware, the pandemic has adversely affected shipping speed. There is nothing we can do about this.

Here are some things you can do to ease your anxiety about your order:

  • Order early. 
  • Double and triple-check your shipping address, email address, and phone #. We rely on your correctly-entered info to ease timely delivery and to reach you with important info.
  • Add us to your address book. This will keep our notification emails from going to spam. Customers often call about not receiving a shipment notification. I can personally tell you that about 95% of the time this is because our email has gone to their spam box. The other 4.9% of the time is because they have entered an incorrect email address (see above). 

And...we're the first to admit that sometimes we screw up. If you believe that is the case, we WANT TO MAKE IT RIGHT! Please see our Return Policy

Chocolate Tips: Our gourmet chocolates are best enjoyed within 3 weeks of receipt. If you would like to store them longer by refrigeration, first wrap the box tightly in plastic or place in a zippered bag with an airtight seal. When you are ready to enjoy them, let the gourmet chocolates come to room temperature before you unwrap them.