Box of Ragged Coast Chocolates open to display neatly arranged Flagship Sea Salt Caramels.
Brown paper packaging for Ragged Coast Chocolates Flagship Sea Salt Caramels with a white ribbon and a branding label.
A box of identical square Ragged Coast Chocolates Flagship Sea Salt Caramels arranged neatly in rows.
A box of Flagship Sea Salt Caramels by Ragged Coast Chocolates.
A Flagship Sea Salt Caramels in a cardboard sleeve packaging with a white ribbon and a "crafted in Maine - Ragged Coast Chocolates" label, featuring direct-trade Ecuadorian dark chocolate.
A box of Ragged Coast Chocolates' Flagship Sea Salt Caramels with a decorative topping on each piece.
Chocolate bar packaging with torn paper revealing the brand "Ragged Coast Chocolates," featuring direct-trade Ecuadorian dark chocolate.
A box of Ragged Coast Chocolates Flagship Sea Salt Caramels on a white background.
A box of eight square-shaped Flagship Sea Salt Caramels by Ragged Coast Chocolates against a white background.

Flagship Sea Salt Caramels

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We make our signature dark chocolate sea salt caramels with organic sugar, local honey, Maine sea salt and direct-trade 55% Ecuadorian dark chocolate.

We carefully package the caramels in recyclable paperboard boxes and tie them with high-quality grosgrain ribbon.

Choose between an 8-piece box, 18-piece box or 28-piece box.

Ingredients: Single Origin Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate (cocoa liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla), Cream, Organic Cane Sugar, Corn Syrup, Honey, Butter, Maine Sea Salt, Vanilla Beans.

Allergens: Contains milk, soy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

Very yummy. What could be better than sea salt caramels wrapped in chocolate


These are the most amazing chocolates I have ever had.


These chocolates are pretty and delicious!


Always fresh and fabulous.

David M.
Simply the best

Perfect chocolate to start with here if you’re looking to order something. The chocolates and service here are always top notch and these are my favorite.

A lighthouse and adjacent building shrouded in mist along a rocky coastline.

Taste The Difference

Farm-Fresh Ingredients

We make all our confections with the finest, freshest ingredients from family-owned farms and local gardens right here in Maine and nearby New England states. And we love using exotic ingredients from the tiny, far-off corners of the world, scouring from small, family farms so our dollars directly benefit other local communities as often and as much as possible.


A team effort

We use single-origin chocolates from producers in Latin America who treat the growers, harvesters, and flora and fauna on their lands with respect. Not only do they produce some of the best chocolate in the world, they create alliances with local producers, promote the preservation of innovative techniques, and develop sustainable production practices to last for years to come.

From our kitchen to yours

Kate Shaffer, artistic director and founder of Ragged Coast Chocolates, started making exquisite confections in her tiny, home kitchen on Isle Au Haut, Maine eight years ago. From truffles and caramels to cookbooks and baking mixes, Kate and her husband Steve have grown the company far beyond its modest start into an award-winning and nationally-recognized purveyor of the finest chocolates in the world.




These are by far the best chocolates I have ever eaten. I also ordered two boxes for a friend and she agrees that they are the best.

Kathie D.


Amazing chocolates that always delight the people I want to delight the most!

Alison H.


Excellent service and chocolates. Really can’t go wrong with anything they sell.

David M.

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