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Ragged Coast Exceptionally Dark Cocoa Powder
Clay bowl with Ragged Coast Chocolates' Exceptionally Dark Cocoa Powder with high cocoa butter content and a mesh sieve on a white surface, chocolate pieces and a pie in the background.
A hand sprinkling Ragged Coast Chocolates' Exceptionally Dark Cocoa Powder, High Cocoa Butter Content over a tart next to two packages of chocolate baking mix.

Exceptionally Dark Cocoa Powder, High Cocoa Butter Content

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A high-performing all purpose cocoa powder suitable for baking, custards, and beverages. Manufactured by our partners in Quito, Ecuador using directly traded cacao exclusively from Latin America. Dutch-processed for deep, round chocolate flavor and softer baked goods. Contains 22-24% cocoa butter, the highest available on the market. Paper packaging is 100% compostable.

This cocoa powder is non-GMO certified.

Cocoa (Processed with Alkali).

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