A package of Ragged Coast Chocolates Direct-Trade Cocoa Craft Chocolate Brownie Mix with eggs and a stick of butter on a kitchen counter.
Close-up of freshly baked Craft Chocolate Brownies made from organic sugar and direct-trade cocoa from Ragged Coast Chocolates on a white surface.
Brownies made using Ragged Coast Craft Chocolate Brownie Mix

Craft Chocolate Brownie Mix

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A patisserie-quality brownie mix developed especially for the home cook. Contains direct-trade cocoa and bittersweet chocolate, organic sugar, and fresh, locally milled flour. A fudgy brownie with a crisp, slightly crackled top crust and a boldly chocolate dense interior.

Organic Cane Sugar, 75% Sifted Wheat Flour from Maine, Latin American Dark Chocolate 71% (Cocoa Liquor [Cocoa Mass], Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier [Non GMO Soy Lecithin]), Cocoa Powder, Maine Sea Salt.

Contains: Wheat, Soy

May Contain Trace Amounts of Egg, Milk, Peanut, Tree Nuts.

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Notes From The Kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions from Bakers Like You

This mix makes 16 small brownies or 9 large ones.

You will need 3 eggs and 6 ounces of butter to complete this recipe

If you would like to add chocolate chips to your brownies, we recommend our 71% bittersweet baking discs, the 40% caramelized milk baking discs, or the Ecuadorian white chocolate baking discs.

Person whisking melted chocolate in a bowl.
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Video Tutorial

Make Craft Chocolate Brownies with Kate

Ragged Coast Chocolates founder Kate Shaffer guides you through making the Craft Chocolate Brownie Mix.

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Customer Reviews

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Carol Eisenberg
So good!

Moist, fudgy, delicious. Better than most scratch brownies!

I love this mix!

I love to bake from scratch and have a few favorite brownie recipes, but I work full time and don't always have time after work to make something. So, I started using this mix when I was really busy and it was so good, I'm not sure I will bake brownies from scratch again. Yum!

Decadent, balanced, indulgent

The adult brownie, sophisticated and delicious, impossibly rich with cocoa but tempered by imperceivable granules of sea salt that enhance the fragrant chocolate notes.

I thought I did not love brownies, but Ragged Coast has turned me on to brownies after 40 years. It was worth the wait.

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Farm-Fresh Ingredients

We make all our confections with the finest, freshest ingredients from family-owned farms and local gardens right here in Maine and nearby New England states. And we love using exotic ingredients from the tiny, far-off corners of the world, scouring from small, family farms so our dollars directly benefit other local communities as often and as much as possible.


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