Production Assistant

HOURS PER WEEK: 18-24. More hours available during busy times.

STARTING HOURLY WAGE: $15.00 / TBD by final job description and experience


  • Paid Sick, Personal, and Vacation Leave as detailed in Company Handbook
  • Employee product discount
  • Friendly and cooperative work environment.



GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Production Assistant eases the flow of daily chocolate production by lending a hand where needed. This includes completing regular and delegated cleaning and maintenance tasks, keeping inventory tidy and organized, and helping out on the production and packing lines.


  • Helps to complete weekly chocolate making duties according to the Production List.
  • Receives and carries out instructions and tasks from Chocolatiers and Packing Room Manager. 
  • Helps with ingredients and materials inventory.
  • Committed to receiving further training. 


  • Participates in some chocolate making duties such as enrobing line, mixing drinking chocolate, scraping and polishing moulds, etc.
  • Participates in packing room prep duties such as decorating finished chocolates, clearing racks of chocolate, bagging bark.
  • Cleans as she goes, as well as EOD and EOW cleaning responsibilities as outlined in cleaning checklists.


  • Comprehensive knowledge of Ragged Coast Chocolates product line
  • EXPERIENCE: Work in a professional kitchen; minimum 1 year. 


  • Punctual, professional, engaged, team-player
  • Capable and able to apply common sense to daily tasks
  • Excellent communication skills, which includes listening
  • Able to follow instructions carefully and accurately, with attention to detail
  • Flexible and open to expanding and growing job responsibilities
  • The confidence to speak honestly and compassionately to team members, including the boss 
  • The ability to at times come up with reasonable and practical solutions to problems is a must. 

WORKING CONDITIONS/PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  Work in a chocolate factory is a physically demanding job and all team members should be able to move quickly, lift heavy boxes and equipment (50 pounds), operate machinery (and sometimes fix it), and be educated on how to perform their duties without hurting themselves. In addition, supplies are stored in a basement that requires the ability to occasionally traverse stairs.  While the environment is friendly, there is an expectation that one has the ability to focus and complete tasks on their own, as well as part of a team.

This job description is not intended to be and should not be construed as an all-inclusive list of all the responsibilities, skills or working conditions associated with the position.  While it is intended to accurately reflect the position activities and requirements, the Company reserves the right to modify, add or remove duties and assign other duties as necessary.

External and internal applicants, as well as position incumbents who become disabled as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act, must be able to perform the essential job functions (as listed on this job description) either unaided or with the assistance of a reasonable accommodation to be determined by management on a case by case basis.