Chocolate-Making in the Time of COVID-19

Dear Friends,

How are you holding up?

Man, oh, man. These are unsettling times. I hope you are talking good care of you and yours, getting outside, and checking on your neighbors and friends. For myself, I just wanted to touch base with you, briefly, about how our small team is handling things here at BDC in the time of COVID-19. 

Because we are in food manufacturing, we have always followed extreme hygiene and sanitation practices. Diligent washing of hands, covering of sneezes and/or coughs, and frequent surface sanitation are practices that are imbedded in our standard operating procedures.

That said, on Tuesday, March 17th, we decided to close both our Portland and Westbrook stores to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. 

However, here at the factory, we are still making chocolate, packing it up, and shipping it out - with our usual utmost care, and following current CDC recommendations. And we hope to keep doing so without interruption. Our crew is small and mighty, and we have a lot of space within which to work. 

We are so grateful to have a small, dedicated team who genuinely care about each other and our customers. We are extremely invested in keeping each other happy and healthy.

But we'll miss seeing your faces!

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to me personally. You can reach me directly at Or 9-5 Monday-Friday at HQ: (207) 887-9763. 


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