Chocolate to Cool You Down

It's hot, folks. And it looks like there's no relief in sight (or at least in the 10-day Portland, ME forecast). So, I've put together a few ideas to cool down with some good good chocolate.  


It doesn't get more straightforward than this. Simply make a batch of our Classic Dark Drinking Chocolate (instructions are on the back of the 12-ounce package!), chill, then pour over ice in a frosty glass. We like it topped with heaps of freshly whipped Baker Brook Dairy Cream.

Our customers who know tell us it's like drinking a creamy chocolate truffle shake. And frankly, there's nothing better than a cold, liquid, sweet sip on a sweltering day. 


Follow the recipe on page 212 in Kate Shaffer's cookbook Chocolate for Beginners and you're five ingredients closer to cold creamy relief. We use our 71% Latin American bittersweet for the recipe, milk and cream from our local dairy, and golden Maine honey. 

Don't have Kate's cookbook? Grab this recipe from the RCC blog for a copycat made from our Drinking Chocolate!


This Chocolate Sorbet from David Lebovitz is on repeat in our summer menu rotation. Made with our 100% Direct Trade Dark Chocolate Cocoa Powder  and our 71% Latin American Bittersweet it just couldn't be better. 

Alternatively, if you have Kate's cookbook Desserted, you could make the Mexican Chocolate Sorbet on page 101, spiced with chiles, cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla.


Fight fire with fire and make these sublime potted crèmes from Desserted. Texture doesn't get better than a silky chilled custard shot through with crispy bits of burnt sugar from the torched crust.

We use our Latin American cocoa nibs and fresh eggs from the Portland Farmers' Market. Don't have Kate's award-winning cookbook/memoir Desserted? You should probably take care of that right away. 

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