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Ragged Coast Chocolates

Dark Chocolate S'more-Snacks

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No campfire required for these snack-sized s'mores! 

Made from our hand-crafted honey marshmallows, house-made buttery-crisp cinnamon-laced graham crackers, and single-origin chocolate from Ecuador. As much as possible we source the rest of our ingredients from our beautiful farm-rich state: organic, sifted whole wheat flour grown and milled in Maine, honey from our regional bee-keepers, and butter from a nearby creamery.


Product Details

Hand-crafted honey vanilla marshmallows, sandwiched between two miniature homemade cinnamon graham crackers, covered in single-origin bittersweet chocolate.
5 pieces per box


Ingredients: Directly traded & sustainably grown bittersweet chocolate from Ecuador
(cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla, soy lecithin), whole wheat flour*, butter*,
organic sugar, honey*, corn syrup (no high fructose), gelatin (pork), molasses, vanilla
extract, sea salt*, cinnamon, corn starch, F D & C dyes.
* denotes ingredients from Maine
Allergens: wheat, milk, soy.
Made on the same equipment used to make confections with nuts.